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A floral event for artists, dreamers, unconventional thinkers and those inspired by imagination

The exhibition aims to bring together artists, dreamers and poets, who are inspired by the imagination. It will also explore different ways of being creative (e.g. poetry, painting, photography) and how creativity can be a tool in solving social challenges

The exhibition was organised by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in association with Creative Future Foundation (CFF), with support from the South China Morning Post, ART Hong Kong and K3 Chinese Artists Centre.

A floral event designed for creative people to celebrate their senses, time and imagination.

The idea is to create a space where people can feel free to express themselves through their ideas and creativity while immersed in the beautiful world of blossoming flowers.

The floral event was created by Byredo, an innovative perfume company rooted in the idea that fragrance should be an art form.

The idea of the event was sparked by a childhood memory of seeing a beautiful tree lit up in an exhibition in Paris.

The event is designed to attract people who have a complex and unconventional view on life.

Flowers in their purest form are beautiful and they have a long history of symbolism and meaning. They have been used as a religious symbol, healing agent and even as an offering to the gods.

At The Flowerliq, we believe that flowers can be used to express love, gratitude, solidarity, peace and joy. They bring people together in friendship and oneness while also promoting creativity.

The Flowerliq is an event that provides a platform for culture makers like artists, dreamers and unconventional thinkers to collaborate with one another to make this world beautiful. It is an event where people would come together for mutual appreciation of flowers in the most unique way possible.

The Flower Day is a unique experience that takes the audience on a journey through the garden, exploring the various meanings of flowers.

The Flower Day is an event that celebrates creativity and imagination- two things essential in any artist’s process.

Celebrating creativity and imagination with innovative ideas and mixed media, The Flower Day features floral arrangements created by artists and visitors alike to embody their dreams, imaginations, and passions.

“Art is an adventure that leads nowhere.”

Who would have thought of an event where you can combine your creativity and love for flowers? This is what the “Art and Flowery Fun” show will do for you.

Whether you’re into painting, photography, fashion, or anything in between – the goal of this show is to provide a platform to people who love art and flowers so they can come together in one place to celebrate their creative side.

Inspired by the theme of “dreamers and imagination”, this floral event invites artists, dreamers, unconventional thinkers and those inspired by imagination to come together.

The floral event offers irresistible floral arrangements for guests at different price points. They are in collaboration with some of the amazing local artists. The event is targeted at both locals and tourists alike who want to find a new experience during their stay in Bangkok.

Creative people who think outside the box create a world view that is unique, original and exciting. They have a colorful imagination and are always in touch with their inner creative self.

Diverse, imaginative and creative people will find inspiration at The Flower Factory.

Next time you want to give your creative brain a break, come and enjoy a floral event. The event will invite artists, dreamers, unconventional thinkers and those inspired by imagination.

The floral event is held in the Botanical Gardens of Singapore every year on 21st January.

The event includes a variety of classes, workshops and talks to inspire the attendees.

Samantha is excited and can’t wait to get started on her floral design. She’s been looking forward to the event all week, which is why she made sure to bring her creativity with her. Samantha also has a passion for plants so she plans on getting some inspiration from them while she’s there.

There are three important groups that this kind of event attracts: artists, dreamers and unconventional thinkers. The creators of the event have created a space that brings together those who are different and those who may not be fully “themselves.”

How can flowers help creative individuals?

This floral event is brought to you by A Land of Flowers and The Kessel Run, two creative spaces in Kuala Lumpur. It will be a place where all the creatives, unconventional thinkers, artists and dreamers can come to unleash their creativity.

The event is happening on 23rd September 2018 at The Kessel Run.

A Flower-A-Palooza is a multidisciplinary art and design event which will feature proceeds to benefit the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose work focuses on the prevention, care and support of individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

A Flower-A-Palooza is an opportunity for people of all walks of life to show their creativity, style and power in a space where you can wear your heart on your sleeve. We hope you’ll join us and make this an experience you won’t forget!

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