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I need to preface this with a good, solid disclaimer. This post is most certainly simply meant for informative and educational purpose, so that styled shoot planners can understand the WHY behind a florist’s lack of participation in styled shoots. This is not meant to be a planner bashing statement, but just a way to spread […]

  • Elizabeth Victory - As a new florist, this was so encouraging to read! I have had to turn down so mant styled shoots for this very reason, and wondered if I was just being really mean! Thanks for sharing your insight.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Ferencz-Barato - I make keepsake bouquets (handmade clay flowers, brooch bouquets, so I am more than willing to participate in TF shoots…as long as I am able to get the bouquets/bouts back afterwards. :). But I totally understand why florists using fresh flowers need to be paid.ReplyCancel

  • Carleen Grace Le - If you could go back and do it all again, how many styled shoots would you do when you were just starting out?ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Apple Veronee - It’s pretty common! You aren’t alone. Which is why I figured I’d share this common sentiment with planners of shoots ;)ReplyCancel

  • Kara Buntin - I do wedding cakes and I’ve had zero business from styled shoots. That should be the goal, not being published in whatever blog. My cost isn’t as large as what a florist would have to pay, but it’s still more than a full day of time and effort and probably up to $200 in cost as far as sugar flowers etc go. But what makes me really not want to do styled shoots is the fact that the cakes are usually treated like a prop that can be “dressed,” when the design I did is pretty well thought-out for a reason. When the planner takes a bunch of random flowers and sticks them on the cake it changes the intent of the design, and that isn’t my work anymore. It would be like a planner taking the bouquets and ripping them apart to use the flowers in a different way. So I’d sum up my reluctance to do the shoots as a lack of return on investment, plus bad experiences with a lack of respect from the people who are putting it together.ReplyCancel

    • Amanda - They’ve just become so overdone that I think people just don’t really even appreciate them anymore! I truly believe styled shoots will no longer be a ‘thing’ in the next few years. So costly!ReplyCancel

  • Inna Olimpiyuk - Oh my goodness Amanda, I loved this post! Sooooo true! I do agree with every single commnet you made.ReplyCancel

  • Victoria Clausen - Great post, girl! Preach it!!! XxxReplyCancel

  • Mark Andrew - Great read and totally understandable. Styled shoots should always be taken on selectively with fellow artists that will help to elevate your brand and push you to create. Being a film photographer, my costs for film and processing for a styled shoot can easily amount to $750 – $1,000 so I totally get it. You have to be selective and it has to be worth the investment. Very interesting to read from a florists perspective, thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

    • Amanda - I was wondering how much film costs, I’ve been told it’s expensive! So, you know the pain of being a florist and being requested to do shoots!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Collins Maton - Great article! I refuse to do them anymore bc as a calligrapher/invite designer it is very very very time consuming and equals about $1000.00 in lost wages for 4 plus days of work. Most often it is for unrealistic designs. If I am approached and I have time I will do them at regular price. I have been in every magazine, blog, etc and have never gotten a real job from it. I wish people would stop doing them. My 2 centsReplyCancel

  • Buffy Haramaki - Thank you! You just let me know I’m not “rude” to decline or “greedy” to ask to share the cost!
    I also appreciate and respect you for saying what so many of us think but never feel ok to say out loud!ReplyCancel

I’m sure you’re aware there was a blizzard on the east coast — So, this is no surprise…. some snow photos! I just wanted to share what the blizzard was like for us. I’ve been without internet for a few days, because for some reason it was spotty. On Friday, Robby came home early, he […]