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Music Monday: Everlast, I Get By

February 8, 2016

Filed in: Personal

Music Monday ImageI just LOVE Everlast. I don’t think he’s made a song that I don’t like. If I could sit and talk to this guy, I bet he has stories upon stories to tell. I bet he’s such a cool guy and an old soul that could sit on his porch with you for hours talking about the meaning of life. The little bit I know about him as a fan reminds me of Robby — deep thinker, soul searcher, passionate, and reflective on his life stories of struggle and hardship. Every one of his songs has related to a significant point in my life, whether it is/was depression, drug abuse, love, loss of a loved one or just flat out reminds me of my husband. It’s good music to cruise to, or cry to, whatever you feel like doing! It’s a little more slow than the other rock music I like to listen to, a little hip hop influence, but entirely emotional and deep. So, if 5FDP or A7X is making my head ring, I turn on Everlast. Those are my three favorite Pandora stations. This song in particular is about struggling with life’s everyday problems, and I think we can all relate to it on any given day in some what or another.

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